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Mother of Noah, 13 years old

My son rarely speaks Spanish, these sessions are the most I’ve ever heard him talk!!

Keep doing what you’re doing! I think it’s the future of language education.


Spanish live tutoring

We offer live Spanish classes.

Our Spanish classes take place in a Spanish village, where kids can interact with their environment.

It's an experience that allows children to really understand the words and sentences they are learning.

Orton Gillingham live tutoring

This class is for dyslexics and struggling readers.
It follows the well-known approach of Orton & Gillingham, which helps dyslexic students and struggling readers.
It teaches the connections between sounds and letters. It pioneered the multisensory approach to teaching reading.


Is your program an app or a live class?

Classes are live, taught by screened and trained teachers and occurring online within an app. Your child can take up to two classes per week at the time of your choice.

How many students are there per class?

There can be up to 4 students per class.

If you have multiple children who are both at a similar Spanish level, they may participate in the same class.

How long is each class?

One class lasts 25 minutes.

Do students have to be dyslexic to use your product?

Not at all - everyone is welcome! 

Our product is hyper-optimized for people who learn best by doing rather than reading.