Students become fluent by understanding what they hear and see, NOT by memorizing vocabulary words or studying complex grammar.

Live Class - Live Teacher

We believe technology cannot replace human teachers.


Our approach is to provide cutting-edge tools to enable the most caring and competent teachers to enhance your child’s education.


Your child will learn from experienced, highly-qualified, live teachers who have at least a bachelor's degree.


Our teachers skillfully adapt to your child's learning style which enables them to learn at their own pace.

We carefully select teachers who have a proven track record of success in education and pedagogy.

“Learners become fluent when they interact with the feedback

that comes from understanding what is being communicated”

In-Class Feedback: Each statement made by the teacher or student contains built-in mechanisms for checking student comprehension. Mistakes or mispronunciations are considered part of the learning process and our

teachers are trained to help students gain confidence in their understanding and ability to express themselves.


Email Feedback: You will receive an email from the teacher after each class. Teachers celebrate student success, assign relevant homework, and report on the student's motivation, confidence, and focus.

Proficiency Portfolios (in development): Access your child’s proficiency portfolio through your parent portal. Proficiency portfolios measure and track your student's competency in their new language and include real samples of your student’s work.

Weekly Feedback
Personalized Experience

At Einstein Studios, each and every student is a unique individual. We dedicate our entire efforts towards our students' well-being.

On top of personalized feedback and homework, we will advise you on the best type of class for your student after the first free assessment.

Using our expertise, we will recommend whether your child should attend one-on-one or collective classes, as well as which teacher will best fit their personality.


Virtual Reality makes understanding a language easier because students create personal, concrete, and memorable experiences that they can see, touch, and feel. 


Virtual Reality multiplies the power of Comprehensible Input. 


The essential principle of Comprehensible Input is that learners only learn language when they understand what is being communicated to them in that language.

Everything parents do to teach their children language (tell stories, speak slowly, use facial expressions, point, touch, move, etc.) helps connect the sounds of a language to their real world meaning.

Creating language is about making concrete connections with words and sounds. VR is the best tool for doing that because the possibilities for concrete experiences to which students can attach language are infinite.



Author, dyslexia expert, visiting lecturer at Stanford

When used properly, VR can create an optimal learning environment for dyslexic students.

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