If your child currently struggles to read and spell at grade level, give them the opportunity to be tutored by a highly-qualified Orton Gillingham interventionist in our Virtual Classrooms.

Reading and comprehension classes

Einstein Studios has trained, experienced tutors that provide personalized, explicit instruction. Our tutors work specifically to address your child’s learning needs while building upon what has already been mastered.

Using virtual reality and a research-based, multi-sensory approach, your child will become a better reader and writer while completely engaged as a unique avatar within our virtual classrooms.

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We team up with PRIDE, Orton-Gillingham reading center.

Einstein Studios and PRIDE reading program have joined forces to deliver the first of its kind Orton-Gillingham virtual classroom tutoring and OG classroom.

Now your child will have access to the best program, best reading specialists, and cutting edge technology to help them with their reading, spelling, and comprehension.

1-on-1 classes

Sessions will be one-on-one between a certified teacher and your student. We believe this is the best way for a kid to learn.

Sessions will vary in length based on your child’s needs and personal preference:

• option 1 – One 1-hour session per week

• option 2 – Two 1-hour sessions per week

• option 3 – Customized Plan (One or more sessions per week)

Orton-Gillingham + Virtual Classrooms

The Orton-Gillingham methodology is the most recognized and successful way to teach students with dyslexia. 

Our use of virtual classrooms allows students to be more visually engaged, utilizing their multi-sensory capabilities to easily learn and remember what they learn compared to traditional Zoom-based tutoring services.


Our classrooms and customizable avatars offer students a safe, judgment-free place to learn and have fun!

First class on us!

Registering for your FREE first class is easy!

First, add your name to our waitlist.

Check your email and text for a message from us for a brief

introductory call.

Complete a short assessment that will be provided after the call for

you and your student.

Set up the environment and schedule the first class whenever it's convenient for you!