Learn Spanish with an experienced tutor in a virtual village in the middle of Spain. 

A 100% free first class 

Afraid of this new type of education? 

No worries, your first class is on us! 

- A one-on-one 50-minute lesson with our most experienced teacher

- Personalized assessments for future placement

Learning in a Spanish village

Our Spanish classes take place in a virtual Spanish village, where kids can interact with their environment.

It's an experience that allows children to learn through immersion safely.

A fully personalized experience

At Einstein Studios, we are convinced that personalized monitoring is crucial to progress.

That's why our first free class allows us to gauge your child's behavior, Spanish level, and personality.

With these observations, we will advise you on the type of class best suited for your child (collective, one-on-one...)

Moving forward, we provide recurring feedback after each class so that we can monitor your student's progress and improve their confidence.